Why we need Sponsors?

Rainbow FC is a non-profit making organisation and it aims to keep football affordable for all. Nevertheless, in order to run a football club the size of Rainbow, it is difficult to cover all needs with just the registration/subscription fees from players. Having a sponsor would ease the burden of funding and potential additional costs.

Some examples of the running costs involved are facilities, insurance, transportation, coaching education, training equipment, FA affiliation, storage and both administration and advisory fees.

The list could go on and, while we are very grateful for the help of our volunteers, at the same time we are looking for companies or individuals who would be willing to either make a donation or contribute with equipment in order to help with the sustainable development of our football club.


Having sponsors benefits the club as it would allow us to keep football sustainable and affordable for all.

If you are a company or an individual with an interest regarding the local community , you are more than welcome to contribute or make a donation. Our association together can help enhance your image by creating positive publicity as well as heightened visibility. Therefore, if you are able to do so, please consider making a donation or becoming one of our sponsors.

You may also wish to remain anonymous, which is an option that would be respected and honoured.

Interested? Become a sponsor.